K Series Bearing Seal Kit 02-04 RSX

K Series Bearing Seal Kit 02-04 RSX

Regular price $ 200

Synchrotech/Mfactory N. America gives you the peace of mind backed by OEM quality. They've taken the grunt work out of hunting down those pesky OEM part numbers. A simple unique package at a fraction of the cost. True OEM Bearings and seals, in one kit, at one low affordable price.


Fitting:  02-04 RSX X2M5 W2M5

Note: fits only with 4.39 ratio FD

Included: 4 shaft bearings, bearing clip, 2 axle seals, input seal, and shift rod


"Building the perfect transmission doesn't always have to be complicated, building it right the first time is what makes that difference between us & them! 

Do it once, do it right! Use the best aftermarket parts in the industry!"

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