K Series Bearing Seal Kit

K Series Bearing Seal Kit

Regular price $ 200

Synchrotech/Mfactory N. America gives you the peace of mind backed by OEM quality. They've taken the grunt work out of hunting down those pesky OEM part numbers. A simple unique package at a fraction of the cost. True OEM Bearings and seals, in one kit, at one low affordable price.


Fitting:  Y2M3 PNN3 PNN4 NSN4 NPR3 NPQ3 NRH3

Note: fits only models with 4.76 and 5.06 ratio FD (will not fit 02-04 RSX)

Included: 4 shaft bearings, bearing clip, 2 axle seals, input seal, and shift rod seal.


"Building the perfect transmission doesn't always have to be complicated, building it right the first time is what makes that difference between us & them! 

Do it once, do it right! Use the best aftermarket parts in the industry!"

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