Hardened 3-4 K Series 6 Speed Sleeve

Hardened 3-4 K Series 6 Speed Sleeve

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Have you ever wanted a brand that heard your concerns, one that set out independently to improve OEM part failure? Synchrotech/Mfactory set out to help. They understood the plague for many K-Series users. Maybe you feel OEM is the superior choice, we won't blame you for that. Sometimes the costly OEM just makes a "OEM REPAIR" seem out of reach and the transmission is just left to rot, it doesn't have to be that way. 

Synchrotech Hardened sleeves are now available separately at a huge fraction of the price, You don't need to keep praying the 2nd gear grind will go away, now you can fix it!


Synchrotech® Hardened Sleeve


Fitting: K20 6 Speed 3rd/4th (X2M5 Y2M3 NPQ3 NPR3 PNN3 PNN4 NSN4)