Carbon Master Kit 92-93 B16/ GSR (YS1)

Carbon Master Kit 92-93 B16/ GSR (YS1)

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Improve shifting response with Synchrotech Pro Series Carbon Lined Synchros!

Unlike the carbon/moly synchros that have a spray coating, Synchrotech Pro Series Carbon Synchros have a full carbon composite lining. Utilizing carbon-carbon technology  initially developed for the Aerospace industry, our carbon composite material acts as a braking material during gear engagement. This allows for quicker and more precise shifting and prolongs the life of the synchro sleeve and gear engagement teeth. We are proud to offer the most technologically advanced synchros on the market. We also offer a full line of hardened steel sleeves, hubs and carburized synchro springs to go along with our carbon synchro sets.


Fitting: YS1 (B16/B17))

Included: 1-5 Pro-Series Carbon Lined Synchros, 1-5 synchro springs, brass reverse synchro and spring, 1-5 slider sleeves, 5 shaft bearings, bearing clip, 2 axle seals, input seal, shift rod seal, and a new dust boot.

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